The Inspired Heart is your resource for a powerful, transformative life.
Beating boldly, radiating resounding vibration all around us.
This heart is capable of incredible phenomena.

The Inspired Heart is both a refuge and a reservoir.
It is a radiant, swirling star and a still point of serenity.
It is your sacred portal to possibilities beyond your wildest dreams.

Next Up:

May 7: The Power of Sound & Mantra
May 9-12 – Shakti Fest (Joshua Tree, CA)
Summer + Fall 2019: California!

The Power of Sound & Mantra
May 7th, 7-10pm
El Portal de Los Feliz, Los Angeles

Heart Awakening Kirtan & Cacao: Friday, May 10 @ 3:30pm, Mantra Dome
Devotional Sound Journey: Saturday, May 11 @ 11:30pm


Sunday March 24, 2019 – Topanga Canyon, CA
March 14, 7pm @ El Portal de Los Feliz in Los Angeles, CA

Winter 2018/2019- Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
Feb 3-13th – Embodiment: Goddess Temple Transformational Retreat