Inspired Heart Alchemy


Your Inspired Heart is a sacred portal!

When we dive into our hearts and activate expansive and deep love, compassion, and gratitude, we open to more magical realities than we ever imagined possible. We re-member our true essence, gifts, and purpose. We attune to our innate resiliency and wisdom. We reconnect to the child at play within us and awaken curiosity and joy. We discover and craft the courage to face, accept, and love the difficult parts of ourselves and our world.


Your Inspired Heart is your birthright!

Each one of us senses the world and our place in it in a beautifully different way. Each of us has a unique awareness of our physical and energetic fields and connection to the “All That Is”, however we each currently understand it. Therefore, each one of us has a unique connection to our spiritual heart center and the way we commune with its power. The work of the heart is a natural birthright for every human being on earth–everyone.


Your Inspired Heart is a tool for spiritual alchemy!

A heart-centered lifestyle is available in every moment, and is yours to choose for conscious healing and transformation of self, collective, and planet. While some call it “spiritual work”, I often like to refer to it as “spiritual play”, since the path of the heart delivers us to where time and space collapse, and we can access both curious inner child and wise elder. Walking our paths does not always mean hard work! Sometimes it means childlike play and lightness!

Alchemy typically occurs when two substances are combined in a chemical reaction to create an entirely new third substance. Spiritual alchemy combines various aspects of our physical, energetic, and spiritual world–both within and outside of us–and uses various healing modalities and tools as the means through which we create and re-create ourselves as we move through the awakening of our soul and deepening of our dharma, or spiritual purpose.