Inspired Heart Alchemy is a magical endeavor flowing from the heart of sound yogini, cacao devotee, and cosmic adventurer Diana Egizi.

Inspired Heart Alchemy is not simply a service or a platform to network information, healing, and opportunities. Inspired Heart Alchemy is a lifestyle, a multi-dimensional path of self-realization, empowerment, and co-creation intrinsically woven together by heart-centered inquiry and celebration. Committing to the path of the inspired heart is a mystical, personal experience for each one of us. We walk this path curiously, with devotion, perhaps sometimes even with reservation, but we walk it nonetheless.
We sing, dance, draw, paint, write, and giggle it!

In this spirit, Inspired Heart Alchemy offers workshops, ceremony, and other sacred spaces for profound, joyful and compassionate healing and empowerment.



In late 2012/early 2013 I experienced a major breakdown that prompted me to explore how to love myself as a gateway to fulfillment, freedom, and a life of purpose. After a few years in group recovery and individual therapy I found myself awakening to a deeper calling that could weave my artistic passion with my devotion to healing. A few years later, the name “Inspired Heart Alchemy” came to me as I dreamed about what I wanted to share with the world; it was a lightbulb moment! I am overjoyed to be sharing my love and devotion in many forms with as many people as possible. I truly believe that inspiration (and therefore joy, excitement, desire, passion) is the magic ingredient to heart-opening, transformational living and creating a bright, beautiful future for all.


Diana has a 200-hr Hatha RYT certification from Awakened Spirit Yoga where she also received her Permaculture Design Certificate in a combined leadership program. Additionally, she is trained in Thai massage and is a 2nd Degree Usui Ryoho Reiki practitioner through Firefly Society of NYC. As a sound healer, her study delves into mystical realms; she works intimately with sound yoga and vocal channeling in addition to facilitating sound healing journeys.

In many of her offerings she infuses the beautiful spirit of ceremonial cacao as a sacred plant medicine; the Cacao Spirit lovingly assists in opening the heart and energetic channels for whatever healing desires to take place. (For more about working with ceremonial cacao, please visit her Sacred Cacao page!)

Another aspect of Diana’s offerings come from her background in performing arts. Her immersion in the arts sparks her passion for the healing power of music, dance, creativity, and self-expression, which she brings in various ways to all her ceremonies and workshops.

As part of her inspirational life, Diana enjoys sharing her heart through devotional songs, cooking delicious and nourishing foods, crafting herbal medicine, working with the earth, and connecting with others who are expanding into their magic!


Where can you find me?

I tend to travel a lot at the moment, but this is a general outline of where I’ll be next:

  • California/Southwest (Spring 2019)
  • East Coast USA TBD (Summer 2019)
  • Oregon/California (Fall 2019)
  • *Potential East Coast tour October/Nov 2019*