Healing can be FUN and MAGICAL! Connection and creation are the sparks for transformation!

Drawing on her experiences in both theatre arts and spiritual practices, Diana creates dynamic workshops that may include ceremony, dance, music, improvisation games, painting, crafts, and more.

Any and all of her offerings can be infused with a wonderful cup of ceremonial cacao for a sweet heart-opening and creatively expansive experience. If you’d like an Inspired Heart Alchemy workshop in your area, please reach out!



Explore your body and voice as tools for self-healing! As we journey into our subconscious and unearth what we desire to shift in our personal narrative, we re-write self-limiting stories and shift into more expanded, fulfilled possibilities as expressed from the depths of our heart through to the tips of our fingers and toes. Each workshop is a unique experience that can awaken healing on many levels. 


Awaken transformation through courageous exploration of your inner landscape and dynamic expressions of your authentic self. As we dive into a world of movement and sound, we’ll embark on an adventure through time and space into any myriad of experiences to discover and express as a way to invite healing and dynamic shifts into more abundant, vibrant realities. We might encounter past and future lives, for example, or commune with ancient ones and inner children, guides and teachers. We will enlist assistance of all manner of beings working in the light of the highest good and embody our journey in a co-creative experience.