Diana offers a range of private sessions depending on your interest! All of her one-2-one’s are intuitively guided and personalized for your unique journey.

Types of Sessions

Traditional Sessions focus on a particular modality, such as Hatha yoga, Reiki energy healing, sound healing, Tarot reading, Thai massage, and Mayan abdominal massage.

Vocal Alchemy Sessions include any of the above modalities in combination with technical and mystical vocal practices to assist you in opening and expanding your expression. We may also dive into tools to address and transform limiting beliefs and patterns around expression and the voice, and we may incorporate ceremonial cacao if there is interest.

Tapestry Sessions include any of the above modalities as necessary in a customized session, and can include a nourishing cup of tea or heart-expanding cup of ceremonial cacao. In Tapestry Sessions we are co-creating a healing experience for your personal needs.


Where can the sessions happen?

While traveling, Diana is open to giving private sessions in your home.

Fall 2018: Oregon & California (schedule details coming soon)
Winter 2018/2019: San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala
Spring 2019: California & Southwest USA (details to follow)

For more information, contact me!